Promoting 2019 AGU Pangeo Workshop

Hi everyone,

As AGU 2019 approaches, don’t forget we will be running another Pangeo workshop on Sunday 08 December 2019 01:40 PM - 6:00PM

There are lots of other appealing workshops, so consider attending one, and spread the word among your colleagues that might be interested. We should also probably start a separate thread for coordination and opportunities to meet up during the conference.


Thanks for mentioning this AGU workshop. I want to go to it but I am not able to attend the whole AGU meeting so I tried to purchase a one day meeting registration so that I could sign up for this workshop. However Sunday was not in the list of one day registrations. I reached out to AGU via email but haven’t heard back yet. Is there any way I can sign up for this workshop?

Hi Donna, the only way to sign up is via the AGU website. You might be able to attend just the workshop without registering for the conference, but you’ll have to wait for that response from AGU coordinators - let us know what you hear from them in case others are in the same situation.

The content from last year’s tutorial is openly available ( We plan to build off this previous content and will add a link on this forum thread after AGU for those unable to attend.

Thank you. I just heard back was able to get a one day workshop registration option so I am confirmed for the workshop. If others plan to only attend a Sunday workshop you should email the company that is handling registration for the Fall Meeting (their contact info is on the AGU on-line registration page). The on-line registration form is not very clear that they are offering a Sunday only option so email them and have them set up the registration in this case.

Thanks for going through that process, @donna. I’m going to try make it too.