AGU 2020 Workshop Planning

Thanks to @cgentemann for the reminder that AGU Fall Meeting 2020 Workshop proposals are (shockingly) due next week! This wouldn’t take place until December 5 or 6 (weekend after the main meeting), but it would be helpful to submit a clear agenda as discussed on the Pangeo call today.

@jhamman, @amanda-tan, @JessicaS11, and myself ran a 1/2 day workshop last year on the Sunday before AGU that was great:.

But rather than copy the same format, let’s consider some alternatives! Keep in mind this might be run as a virtual event. Some questions and requests below:

  • Please indicate if you’d like to develop content, present content, or be a lead organizer !
  • Should we split a single workshop session (4 hours) into discipline tracks - one focused on global modeling data sets, another with remote sensing datasets possibly with pysat developers? @rabernat or @andersy005
  • Should we take on a full-day proposal with two sessions (introductory material in the morning, advanced use-case examples in the PM, or hackweek style sessions to make things more interactive and allow people to work with whatever data is of interest to them)?
  • Anything else? @robfatland it would be great to get some input from POETs on this
  • @lheagy and others on JupyterMeetsTheEarth team - are you all planning on resubmitting sessions from last year?

Hi Scott;

From the hip…

I agree POETs should contribute here. I’ll plan to develop and present; and exhort the other POETic suspects as well.

I think we have enough lead time that we can anticipate some developments in progress at the moment; Ryan’s Gallery work for example, perhaps XPublish?, ML, availability of course material, Jupyter Books, and on. It’s rather a lot; so not info overload.

Content: Domain and/or method breakouts? Researcher skills definitely; what about Builder skills? (From Cloud 101 to “My group wants their own Pangeo…”) Perhaps build the content based on advance demand?

In the prior week i.e. AGU-proper we can coordinate pre-workshop message: Consistent Pangeo logo on materials :slight_smile: with URL and message: The Workshop will be online live at no cost and released in January as recorded content.

Could Pangeo also ride shotgun on a tradeshow booth?

A bit of an aside: Does Pangeo have a pay-to-play option based on public AMIs, separate accounts? This thought is inspired by “I want to do InSAR processing on a 20 VM cluster for six months”. And my propensity towards owning stuff; as in “My Jupyter pod is a nice place to visit but my I prefer to rock my customized Pangeo AMI on a K3000.XXXLarge instance.”

Ok maybe I’m digressing too much. Thanks for starting this thread (and thanks to Chelle too).

NASA is planning a 1/2 day workshop at AGU also working with ARSET group. I’m reading over their outline right now. It is very focused on presenting their tools and services rather than a live coding demo. I’m not certain what audience they are aiming for. There is a spot to introduce pangeo on the agenda. Do you want me to talk to Sara (organizer) and see if we might coordinate? Right now, there isn’t a lot of overlap, which is good, so it probably isn’t strickly necessary but politically a good thing to do?

I’d really be happy to be involved with the AGU workshop if you want. I could focus on remote sensing datasets, regridding, collocations, etc.

Thanks @cgentemann and @robfatland. I think we have sufficient content and enthusiasm (I’m sure people will be more interested in helping coordinate closer to December) to host a dedicated 1/2 day or full day session. I’ve started an open google doc here that will remain editable until submitting this Thursday April 23.

Anyone is welcome to add:

Thanks @scottyhq for getting this going. Thanks for letting me jump on board at the last minute (I managed to miss your tag last week). I like the idea of a full day session that gives people an opportunity to “hack” in the afternoons using the tools we’ve provided. I made some minor edits to the proposal you linked - thanks for putting that together!

[Sorry I didn’t get to reply until now!] I’d be more than happy to be part of the tutorials. Thanks so much @scottyhq for leading the charge.