AGU 2020 Workshop Planning

Thanks to @cgentemann for the reminder that AGU Fall Meeting 2020 Workshop proposals are (shockingly) due next week! This wouldn’t take place until December 5 or 6 (weekend after the main meeting), but it would be helpful to submit a clear agenda as discussed on the Pangeo call today.

@jhamman, @amanda-tan, @JessicaS11, and myself ran a 1/2 day workshop last year on the Sunday before AGU that was great:.

But rather than copy the same format, let’s consider some alternatives! Keep in mind this might be run as a virtual event. Some questions and requests below:

  • Please indicate if you’d like to develop content, present content, or be a lead organizer !
  • Should we split a single workshop session (4 hours) into discipline tracks - one focused on global modeling data sets, another with remote sensing datasets possibly with pysat developers? @rabernat or @andersy005
  • Should we take on a full-day proposal with two sessions (introductory material in the morning, advanced use-case examples in the PM, or hackweek style sessions to make things more interactive and allow people to work with whatever data is of interest to them)?
  • Anything else? @robfatland it would be great to get some input from POETs on this
  • @lheagy and others on JupyterMeetsTheEarth team - are you all planning on resubmitting sessions from last year?

Hi Scott;

From the hip…

I agree POETs should contribute here. I’ll plan to develop and present; and exhort the other POETic suspects as well.

I think we have enough lead time that we can anticipate some developments in progress at the moment; Ryan’s Gallery work for example, perhaps XPublish?, ML, availability of course material, Jupyter Books, and on. It’s rather a lot; so not info overload.

Content: Domain and/or method breakouts? Researcher skills definitely; what about Builder skills? (From Cloud 101 to “My group wants their own Pangeo…”) Perhaps build the content based on advance demand?

In the prior week i.e. AGU-proper we can coordinate pre-workshop message: Consistent Pangeo logo on materials :slight_smile: with URL and message: The Workshop will be online live at no cost and released in January as recorded content.

Could Pangeo also ride shotgun on a tradeshow booth?

A bit of an aside: Does Pangeo have a pay-to-play option based on public AMIs, separate accounts? This thought is inspired by “I want to do InSAR processing on a 20 VM cluster for six months”. And my propensity towards owning stuff; as in “My Jupyter pod is a nice place to visit but my I prefer to rock my customized Pangeo AMI on a K3000.XXXLarge instance.”

Ok maybe I’m digressing too much. Thanks for starting this thread (and thanks to Chelle too).

NASA is planning a 1/2 day workshop at AGU also working with ARSET group. I’m reading over their outline right now. It is very focused on presenting their tools and services rather than a live coding demo. I’m not certain what audience they are aiming for. There is a spot to introduce pangeo on the agenda. Do you want me to talk to Sara (organizer) and see if we might coordinate? Right now, there isn’t a lot of overlap, which is good, so it probably isn’t strickly necessary but politically a good thing to do?

I’d really be happy to be involved with the AGU workshop if you want. I could focus on remote sensing datasets, regridding, collocations, etc.

Thanks @cgentemann and @robfatland. I think we have sufficient content and enthusiasm (I’m sure people will be more interested in helping coordinate closer to December) to host a dedicated 1/2 day or full day session. I’ve started an open google doc here that will remain editable until submitting this Thursday April 23.

Anyone is welcome to add:

Thanks @scottyhq for getting this going. Thanks for letting me jump on board at the last minute (I managed to miss your tag last week). I like the idea of a full day session that gives people an opportunity to “hack” in the afternoons using the tools we’ve provided. I made some minor edits to the proposal you linked - thanks for putting that together!

[Sorry I didn’t get to reply until now!] I’d be more than happy to be part of the tutorials. Thanks so much @scottyhq for leading the charge.

@jhamman and @rabernat I saw you are presenting at AGU but I couldn’t tell from the description whether it’s a tutorial workshop. I’d love to recommend a Pangeo workshop to some colleagues – will there be one at AGU 2020?

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Hi @playertr, unfortunately our Pangeo workshop proposal for the 2020 meeting wasn’t selected this year. Looks like there are some other relevant ones, but I’m not sure who is organizing them:

Also, it’s not the same as an in-person event, but the interactive notebooks we walked through in 2019 are available here (pangeo tutorial gallery, landsat8, cesm lens on AWS)

Thanks, that helps! I think I’ll recommend the NASA workshop this year.

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@scottyhq - do you have any feedback on why our proposal was rejected?

No specific feedback unfortunately, just the standard rejection email:

“Thank you for submitting your proposal for a scientific workshop at the AGU Fall Meeting 2020. In all, we received over 40 proposals for workshops this year. Proposals were reviewed and prioritized by members of the AGU Fall Meeting Program Committee—they considered both the proposals and the indicated program, and the diversity and range of content and topics. Overall, we’re sorry to say that your proposal was not selected this year and we are thus not able to include it within the Scientific Program.”