Pangeo at AGU Fall Meeting 2022?

This is very late notice, but is there any interest in having a Pangeo-led session at the AGU Fall Meeting this December? The deadline to submit a proposal for a scientific session, innovative session, union session, town hall, or workshop is this Wednesday, April 20th. The meeting is both in person (in Chicago) and online. I plan to attend in person this year, and would be happy to lead a proposal if there is general interest from the community. Or perhaps there are other open science proposals already in the works?

A couple ideas:

  • a scientific workshop (can be half or full day - I’d vote half day) showcasing scientific cloud computing (via Pangeo Cloud) and specific packages from the Pangeo community (e.g. Pangeo Forge). I picture this as a hands-on exercise with participants running Pangeo Cloud on their own computers.
  • an innovative session (can be 90 minutes, half day, or full day) or union session (90 minutes) similar to what was run at last year’s AGU Fall Meeting, with a mixture of content such as panel discussions, brief workshops, and poster presentations (link to details for Open Science in Action session at AGU 2021)
  • a town hall (60 minutes) with e.g. a panel discussion about open science benefits and challenges, with an open discussion with attendees about concerns or barriers to the success of open science practices

The AGU Fall Meeting this year will usher in the Year of Open Science (in 2023!), and I think it would be great to have some open science sessions this year to gear folks up for 2023! Pinging @cgentemann in case we can help support any TOPS-led session proposals (and to avoid any duplicate proposals)!

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Paige - For the NASA TOPS project we are planning several open science workshops / sessions for Fall 2022. It would be great if Pangeo wanted to also propose! Our Ocean Sciences innovation session worked great - maybe we can do something like that again? Anyone else interested in helping out?


Sounds great @cgentemann - thanks for your quick response! I agree that something along the lines of our Ocean Sciences session (see description here) could be great, with e.g. hands-on GitHub and Pangeo workshops.

If anyone wants to help organize, please respond in this thread! :slight_smile:

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