Jupyter/Pangeo/Open Science-connected sessions at AGU 2021

Hi all,

[ X-posting from the Jupyter discourse, but I think there’s enough non-overlap in members that I hope that’s OK :slight_smile: ]

I know many in this forum may participate (or know someone who will) at AGU 2021… This year we have a few Jupyter/Pangeo & friends-relevant sessions (disclosure - I’m co-organizing some of this). If you are interested, we’d love to see submissions from this community, and I’m happy to answer any questions:

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Thanks for sharing Fernando! This looks like an awesome session!

@fperez: Project Pythia is planning on submitting a project update/overview talk to IN030.

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Hi there, could I ask what are the session formats for the 3 sessions listed (particularly for the “IN030” session)? Are they e-Lightning only, Oral or Poster sessions? Thanks!

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Awesome, thanks Kevin, looking forward to it!

Hi @weiji14, thanks for your interest! I think that the options are oral and poster for IN030, but that we don’t have e-lightning there. For the one led by @cgentemann, there is an e-lightning option.

But I’ve asked my IN030 co-organizers for further clarification and I’ll post here if I learn more (sorry, I’m a bit new to the AGU system and I don’t want to give you misleading info).

Ok, I now have further clarification from our lead convener, Jens Klump, and I’m relaying his response verbatim: “We did not specify the format. The Program Committee will assign it. It will depend on the number of submissions, the number of sessions and potential session mergers. The ESSI Program Committee will often grab an e-lightning session instead of a poster session as a kind of substitute for an oral session.”

I hope this helps!

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Hi @fperez and @cgentemann, I am coordinating an abstract on Pangeo Forge for submission to the Open Science in Action session. Would just like to confirm that the submission deadline is indeed August 11, as noted here. (I certainly don’t doubt your Tweet, Chelle! Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I couldn’t find that date referenced anywhere on the AGU website, and just want to be 110% sure I have the right timeline.)

Hi @cisaacstern - yes, 100% confirmed :slight_smile: I posted that after double-checking with Chelle, so all good.

Thanks for your interest!

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Yes. Aug 11. I have an email confirming this from Agu.

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Hi @cgentemann @fperez, I was trying to do a small edit on an abstract we submitted 3 days ago to the Open Science in Action session and I got a “The deadline to submit abstracts for Fall Meeting 2021 has passed.” message from the AGU website.

I wonder if the deadline was in fact on Aug 4th.

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Echoing @betolink, I’ve also just encountered the message “Deadline Reached: The deadlines for abstract submissions and modifications for this program have been reached.” … after clicking the “Submit an Abstract to this Session” link on the Open Science in Action session page.

My hope/assumption is that this is a technical issue with the AGU site.

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s an AGU website issue, Chelle has direct, explicit confirmation from them that the deadline is August 11. Let us ping them for help with how to access these, they probably need to enable a one-off exception in their backend for us (and likely other sessions with a similar extension).

Sorry for the confusion!


Yes, I just talked to AGU, they have updated the website. The deadline for our session has been moved to 8/25 (I think they did this for most union sessions). You should be able to login and submit new abstracts and edit ones already started until 8/25. Let me know if you have any issues, thanks,


Excellent, thanks Chelle for the extra diligence!


Hi all, just noting that the way to submit an abstract to a late-breaking session (of which Open Science in Action is one), is to:

  1. Go to https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm21/prelim.cgi
  2. Click the link for User Portal:

If you are submitting to a Late-Breaking session,
please proceed to the User Portal.

(Or I guess you could just click the link above :laughing: )

  1. Click the session you’d like to submit to from the provided list

This may be obvious to others, but was not for me, so sharing just in case it’s helpful!

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I’m curious how many people are planning to attend the AGU meeting in person?

I was at GSA last week and attendance was somewhat sparse and interaction much more limited than usual. I’m registered for AGU, but more hesitant about traveling to New Orleans than I was to Portland.