Jupyter/Pangeo at JupyterCon BoF - summary/community update

Hi all,

last week during the poster session at JupyterCon we found a number of participants to the conference working in the Jupyter/Geoscience/Climate space, and decided to organize an impromptu Birds of a Feather session to connect folks a bit more.

During the BoF we took some public notes that I promised I’d share here, as a way to continue building community. I’ll link to this post from the Jupyter Discourse as well, but given the geoscience concentration here it seemed like a good place to start. Everyone was looking to connect further with related projects but nobody wanted yet one more forum, so we promised we’d continue building where there’s some critical mass instead.

The purpose of this post is just to have a place to continue the discussion, for now the notes doc linked above has the content from our conversation. I don’t have any particular agenda other than identifying common problems we could work on from the Jupyter/Pangeo projects to help as broad a user base as possible.

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion, and please feel free to follow up here with ideas, questions, etc. I deliberately posted in the “uncategorized” area as this is fairly generic, but I hope concrete conversations can follow up on various specific topics/ideas/questions.


Thanks for sharing Fernando!

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