2023 AGU Fall Meeting (Pangeo talks and events)

Just wanted to get a thread started with presentations and events of interest to the Pangeo community at AGU. Feel free to expand add your own.

IN21A-08 The Project Pythia Cookbook Initiative: Building an Inclusive Geoscience Community through Accessible, Reusable, and Reproducible Workflows

INV51D-12 Project Pythia: Empowering Geoscientists through Open-Source, Open-Science Collaboration

ED21D-0762 Python Data Analysis and Visualization for Unstructured Grid Data

A41Q-2891 UXarray: a community-developed tool for the analysis and visualization of model output on unstructured grids in Python

SCIWS24 - Visualizing 2D and 3D Geoscience Data in Python - (tutorial)
*Note: Separate “event” registration required


@clyne - You beat me to the punch here! :1st_place_medal: I did a deep dive on the program and came up with a much large list.

Still, folks should feel free to advertise their own presentations.

For my part, here are a few that I’m a part of:

SY21A-02 - Building blocks for a data informed future: data, tooling, and collaboration

IN31B-0661 - Arraylake: A Cloud Native Data Lake Platform for Earth System Science


Wow! @jhamman, sometime I’d like to hear how you came up with this much larger list!

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Adding an innovative session that I’m co-convening:

INV51D - Voices from the Global Open Science Community: Showcasing Progress, Challenges, and Lessons Learned


Just a quick note that the deadline for registering for AGU “Learning Workshops”, such as the Visualizing 2D and 3D Geoscience Data in Python tutorial, is this Friday, December 1.

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I added a talk/demo on earthaccess at the NASA Demo booth on Wed @ noon. Thanks for the list @jhamman

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