Pangeo Booth at AGU 2023!

:mega: I’m pleased to announce that Pangeo will have a booth at the AGU Fall Meeting in a couple weeks! :star_struck: To my knowledge, this is Pangeo’s first booth at a conference! :tada:

:point_right: If you plan to attend AGU and want to volunteer at the AGU booth, sign up here! :point_left:

We are sharing the space with Coiled and Earthmover. We’re grateful to Coiled for donating the space, time, and materials for this and setting everything up, and also to Earthmover for providing additional financial support :pray:

Don’t forget to check out (and add to) our list of Pangeo-related events at AGU 2023! And we hope to see many of you at the Pangeo dinner on Tuesday, Dec. 12th!


I’ll be at conference in San Jose, Dec 12–13. Will try to swing by on the 14th!


Sounds great @tbonnema! It will be great to see you!!

For anyone interested in helping out, I’m putting together a document with Pangeo talking points for our booth next week!

I’ve made a start - please feel free to add/edit information that you think would be helpful for the community!

:point_right: Link to Pangeo Booth Talking Points document