Who's headed to AGU this year?

AGU is next week. I expect some Pangeo folks will be there in person. It would be fun to see some Pangeans in real life. Post below if you’ll be in New Orleans next week!

(I’ll be there Monday and Tuesday only)

Also, see this topic for a catalog of Pangeo-related talks and events.

I’m more of a lurker here than a Pangeo regular, but I’ll be there all week if anyone wants to meet up!

I’ll be there. Should be interesting :slight_smile:

I will be there in person Wednesday - Friday (I work with @TomAugspurger on the Microsoft Planetary Computer) - also happy to chat with folk! @ me on twitter @lossyrob

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I’ll be there in person Monday to Wednesday and I would love to meet up with anyone who would like to learn about Oracle Cloud and our research computing grants.

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