Pangeo workshop/session/town hall at AGU Fall Meeting 2021?

Hi everyone,

Has there been any discussion about Pangeo presence at this year’s AGU Fall Meeting? I see that a workshop proposal was put together for last year’s meeting but didn’t make the cut (see this topic thread) - is there interest in trying again this year?

I could imagine the Pangeo community hosting a workshop, scientific session, and/or town hall, and proposals for all of these are due on April 14th (two weeks away!). Link to proposal guidelines can be found here.

The Fall Meeting is scheduled to take place Dec. 13-17 in New Orleans. Currently, AGU plans to have a hybrid meeting with much of the content tailored to in-person attendees, but with a committed virtual presence as well.

I’m keen to help organize if there is enough interest!


Paige, I’m happy to help out! It would be good to see if we can get people from astro/helio/planet involved.


Yes, thanks for suggesting this Paige! I think it’s a great idea.


As current President of the AGU Informatics section, I would encourage you to submit session proposal(s) focusing on Pangeo in the Earth & Space Science Informatics (ESSI) track!

-Jeff de La Beaujardière

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I’m new to Pangeo; attended my first meeting today!

I’m interested in helping out with anything at the AGU fall meeting. My discipline is polar atmospheric science. I’ve been part of a long-term experiment called ICECAPS that has been conducted at Summit Station, Greenland since 2010. I’m working with a colleague at U. Leeds (Ryan Neely) to make ICECAPS data available via the cloud on the UK’s JASMIN system. JASMIN apparently already has Pangeo installed, but I haven’t used it yet. But hopefully we’ll be in a good position by next December (AGU) to use ICECAPS data as an example of a “geophysical workflow”.

In any case, please keep me informed in the next couple of weeks regarding AGU proposals. I’d be glad to help.


Von P. Walden
Washington State University
Lab for Atmospheric Research


Paige, me, and my colleagues are thinking to propose a workshop on using open environmental data on the cloud, with the focus on NOAA data via Big Data Project and the Pangeo ecosystem for the interactive tutorials. So happy to collaborate on a proposal.


Glad to see so much enthusiasm for Pangeo at FM! And @vonw - welcome to the Pangeo community! Glad to have you! :slight_smile:

Based on what’s posted here and a chat I had with Chelle, there are a couple proposals that I am aware of for events that would be related to Pangeo:

  • the workshop that @douglasrao mentioned (which sounds like a great idea!)
  • a special session that will be a day-long event on open science combining software tutorials with science talks/posters, also touching on topics of open data, data/software publication, and accessibility (led by @cgentemann, that I and a couple others would co-convene). In addition to Pangeo climate-related science, we hope to bring in folks from other disciplines as well.

I think these events both sound great and compliment one another. We might reference your workshop @douglasrao as a related event in our proposal so that attendees know that these could be complimentary sessions (if that sounds ok to you!).

@vonw and others please reach out if you’d like to help with either of these sessions, or if you have ideas for another event we should propose as a community.


Thanks, @paigem! I think linking the workshop with the special session would be great! The open science session sounds great!
One suggestion – Are you considering a hackathon or a data-driven challenge in the special session or a side event? I think that would be a great event with many geoscientists together! Maybe that can be a week-long event during AGU FM!

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Yes, @douglasrao we are planning a mini-hackathon at the end of our special (day-long) session! So we would only have about 2 hours probably - not a lot of time to get much done, but hopefully a good place for many attendees to start at least! A week-long hackathon would be amazing, but maybe for a time other than AGU FM with so many other events going on? :slight_smile:


AGU submission deadline is in 24 hours! Is everything on track for this? Can I help in some way?

Hi @rabernat, there is a working draft of the workshop proposal, please feel free to add your comments. Comments from others are also welcome! No data sets are specified in the workshop proposal yet. This is my first time proposing an AGU workshop, so if you think we should include datasets in the proposal we can do that.

Also, I have talked with @zflamig and @rsignell last week. I think if the proposal were selected this time, we could source more contributors for the tutorials and share via the Gallery after the workshop.