JupyterCon Submission Deadline

The deadline for JupyterCon is July 20: https://jupytercon.com/talk-poster-cfp/

It would be nice to have something from Pangeo.

I am thinking about submitting a talk along the lines of “Transforming Science with Cloud-Based Data”. It would focus on sharing our experience creating, maintaining, and doing science with analysis-ready data in the cloud. I would use CMIP6 as a primary example.

However, I have already spoken at JupyterCon. If someone else is eager to share something Pangeo-related, I’d be happy to step aside or play a supporting role.

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Have not had any response on this, so I’ll submit my own proposal.

Hi @rabernat (I am new here!) I would personally love to see something like this on JupyterCon and I am not sure if you submitted already. But if you need an extra pair of hands / or an assistant if selected please feel free to ping me

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Submitted already! Thanks for your support. I hope my proposal is approved.