AWS Pangeo JupyterHubs to Shut Down Friday, March 17

Dear Pangeans,

We are finally going to pull the plug on the AWS Pangeo Deployments on March 17. Please download any files you want to preserve beforehand! (

It’s been a great run! Our deployment went up back in 2018 with funding from NASA’s ACCESS program and $98K in cloud credits from Earth on AWS Cloud Credits for Research. We’ve had 100’s of regular users and really innovated, providing templates and public troubleshooting to help others replicate our efforts (,

The AWS deployments have been running unattended in a UW eScience account without needing our attention for over a year, but now at long last the credits have depleted.

What other resources are available to you going forward? If you’re looking for other AWS JupyterHubs, fortunately there are other options (but they may not offer Dask Gateway):

  1. Contact 2i2c! They are leading the way in customized JupyterHub deployments.

  2. OpenScienceLab Operated in AWS us-west-2 by Alaska Satellite Facility

  3. AWS SageMaker Studio Lab

Please do share any questions, comments, or success stories from your use of the AWS resources in this thread.

Thanks for your understanding!


Scott and everyone else involved, Thanks for steering the ship!

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Thank you all for running this very successful deployment!

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Thanks for the heads-up, and to everyone who maintained this deployment! It’s been really helpful and I hope to finish a paper that I’ve been working on using it in the next month or two (presuming I am able to move analysis somewhere else, but this seems likely!).

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Thanks a lot Scott and everybody else for running this service and securing the funding. It help me a lot to test my julia tools on AWS.

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