Cloud deployments working group

Pangeo’s cloud deployments have garnered much of the projects attention and development effort over the past few years. Under the banner of “cloud deployments”, we are proposing a formalized working group that would bring together those interested in the following topics:

I’d like to propose a regular meeting once a month to share progress and questions, and to coordinate development efforts. What do people think about this idea?

cc @scottyhq, @yuvipanda, @amanda-tan, @robfatland, @choldgraf, @rabernat [+ others not on discourse]


I think this is a great idea, particularly if we combine it with a reduction in frequency of the existing weekly checkin meeting.

Interested to follow this subject too. Not sure if I’d be able to partipate to meetings, but I should hopefully drive some tests of deploying Pangeo on OVH soon.

Just came across this…This sounds like a great plan. If it’s an open meeting, several of us from the Climate Impact Lab working on our pangeo-based cloud deployment would probably want to participate, if thats alright.

If it’s an open meeting,

This would certainly be open to anyone interested. Participation by Impact Lab folks would be more than welcome.

If I proposed the 2nd Monday of every month at 8:30a PT (4:30p GMT), would that work for people. I certainly want to give the Europeans a chance to participate (@geynard, @kaedonkers, Tam, etc. ).

Works for us at UK Met Office! Although this may clash with the Pangeo Machine Learning WG? (Possibly that is every 1st Monday)

Can you put this in the “Pangeo Developers Meeting” Google calendar please? I am forgetful…

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Thanks for suggesting this @jhamman. 2nd Monday of every month at 8:30a PT (4:30p GMT) works for me.

2nd monday works for us!

I’d love to be involved too!

I’d love to get more involved as well!

Thanks all for chiming in. We’re going to kick off our first meeting on Monday at 8:30a PT. For the first meeting, I’ll suggest the following agenda:

  • Introductions (personal motivations, experience, goals, etc.)
  • What should the cloud WG focus on?
  • How to organize and communicate?

Some of us will be at AGU this week but I feel like we should stick with the scheduled meeting time. We’ll have a more technical agenda for the January meeting.

Done. See here and here.

Reminder. We’ll have our second working group meeting today at 8:30a PT (11:30a ET, 4:30 GMT).

Hi All! We will have our regularly scheduled Cloud Ops telecon on Monday, Feb. 10, at 8:30am PST.

cc @rabernat @geynard @bolliger32 @kaedonkers @yuvipanda @consideRatio @amanda-tan @scottyhq @salvis2 @tjcrone @TomAugspurger @mrocklin


thanks for the reminder @jhamman!

Reminder. We’ll have our next working group meeting tomorrow:


The next meeting is currently scheduled for April 13th, which is Easter Monday. Do people think we should reschedule that meeting?

The next meeting is currently scheduled for April 13th, which is Easter Monday. Do people think we should reschedule that meeting?

Good question. I don’t get that day off so I’d vote to keep our meeting as scheduled. Given the current COVID19 situation, I suspect most will be available. Does anyone have a preference to reschedule? @salvis2?

I’m okay keeping the 13th, but if others prefer to move it we could postpone by a week and get together on the 20th.

I’m indifferent on rescheduling. Just wanted to give a heads-up!