Deployment with Coiled

Hi Folks!

I’ve been talking to more Pangeo folks recently about cloud deployments and Coiled, which led me here to discourse again (:wave:). I’ve noticed a few issues about people trying to get access to one of the Pangeo Hubs.

I made this video, which I think lays out our historical approach, challenges/benefits, and talks a little about how Coiled works as an alternative. Dask Infrastructure with Coiled for Pangeo - YouTube

This is a little bit of a sales pitch (sorry!) but I think it’s probably relevant for folks here. My guess is that most users here would fit comfortably in the free tier, and that a lot of managerial headache would go away. I’d be curious to talk to anyone about this topic, especially folks who currently spend time managing any of the hubs. My sense is that there are better approaches today.



Thanks for this reminder, on my list to demo. Definitely feeling some Hub exhaustion (so many hubs) and excited by this potential!