Status of AWS Pangeo deployment?

Attempting to test some kerchunk functionality with ORNLDAAC data (which uses s3 temporary credentials which are only valid for us-west-2 request origins). It appears that the notebook image used for this environment is out of date as referenced here AWS deployment image is not up to date · Issue #1002 · pangeo-data/pangeo-cloud-federation · GitHub.

I recall there were discussion about the future of the AWS us-west-2 environment here Migrate the Pangeo AWS hub to 2i2c infrastructure · Issue #427 · 2i2c-org/infrastructure · GitHub but it sounds like these efforts were de-prioritized. I know a temporary environment was configured in us-west-2 for the UW SnowEx hack week as well. Are there plans to create a general public AWS us-west-2 environment. This would be very helpful for working with NASA resources that are currently restricted to using s3 credentials from a us-west-2 origin.

Are there plans to create a general public AWS us-west-2 environment

Unfortunately none that I’m aware of, but agreed this would be super useful @sharkinsspatial

The existing Pangeo Cloud deployment is still chugging along (running on remaining credits) but we have no personnel to troubleshoot any errors. As for the out of date image, you can access and select ‘Latest Pangeo-notebook’ to get the most recent tagged image, or ‘Staging pangeo-notebook’ to use the latest versions on the main branch of GitHub - pangeo-data/pangeo-docker-images: Docker Images For Pangeo JupyterHubs and BinderHubs

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