Migration of `staging.us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io` to 2i2c infrastructure

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Migration of staging.us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io Service

As you may know, Pangeo have begun a partnership with 2i2c to steward the operation and development of the Pangeo JupyterHubs.

We are now at a point where we are ready to migrate the staging hub deployed on Google Cloud over to 2i2c’s infrastructure :tada:

I will be updating the DNS record to point to the new hub on Monday 25th October 2021.

A note on user directories

Please note that when the new staging deployment goes live, your home directories will not be available. This is due to a difference in how 2i2c configures NFS storage across hubs. Particularly hubs that share the same cluster, but don’t necessarily serve the same communities. You can read more details here.

If you would like to use some files on the new deployment, please download them from the old hub before Monday 25th October 2021 and upload them to the new hub after the DNS switchover has taken place.

When we come to migrate the main production deployment, we will be migrating your user directories as well. This caveat only applies to staging.

Many thanks and please feel free to ask questions/give feedback below :smiley:


Amazing work Sarah! :pray:

What would be the easiest way to get this information into a banner announcement on https://us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io/? I know z2jh has this capability, but not quite sure how to configure it. Main config is here:

I think it involves some custom HTML in a templates directory Visual UX: Make the announcement text a banner · Issue #2566 · jupyterhub/jupyterhub · GitHub

This link seems more helpful Working with templates and UI — JupyterHub 1.4.2 documentation

:mega: Clarification! :mega:

Your files will still be available on the main hub at https://us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io/ so there is no rush to copy them across if you’d like to use them on the new staging hub after Monday 25th October 2021.

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staging.us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io will now redirect to the new, 2i2c-managed hub! :tada:

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