Can’t start server on staging pangeo

I’ve been working on and have not backed up some of my work elsewhere and I need to access work that is on there asap.

I’ve not been able to start a server on the staging hub for a week now. Is there a way for me to get access to my files or move them elsewhere?

You meant right?

I’ll file a ticket for you on and we’ll find out if this is a quick fix or something more substantial.

Yes that is what I meant.

Thank you!

I can confirm I get the same issue when I try and start a server on

But, the production site appears to be working correctly for me.

While, I understand you currently have work on the staging site that you’d like to recover, may I ask why you weren’t using the production server instead from the beginning? Is there some documentation out there pointing people to the staging site instead?

I started using staging because there were some conflicts between certain packages (I think with xesmf, and some problems with mamba and conda) and I was told to use the staging site where these conflicts were not an issue. Though I should have, I did not use the staging site temporarily and now I have some of my analysis there.

Further I hadn’t been following my own back-up protocols on the staging servers so I do not have access to this work anywhere else… :frowning_face: lesson learned…

Totally reasonable – that definitely has happened to me as well.

Good news: the staging site is back up again. The issue was that the base docker image was pointing to pangeo/pangeo-notebook:latest (which was causing a problem that will resolve once the PR Stop forcing use of NotebookApp, take 2 by yuvipanda · Pull Request #2210 · 2i2c-org/infrastructure · GitHub is merged).

The solution was to use the notebook image pangeo/pangeo-notebook:2023.01.03 (which is the same is being used on the production site).

This should allow you to retrieve your files from the staging site.

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Remember to go the Hub Control Panel (JupyterHub) to shutdown your server first to start a new one with this different pangeo notebook image.

Thank you so much for working on this. I’m able to access the site and am now retrieving the files.

Thank you thank you.

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