Pangeo Steering Council Notes

The Pangeo Steering Council currently meets 2-3 times per year. Moving forward, a curated version of the SC notes and minutes will be shared publicly in this thread. More details on Pangeo’s governance can be found in this document.

Pangeo Steering Council Meeting Notes (Oct. 18, 2022)

Pangeo efforts around the globe

  • Europe
    • weekly meetings
    • “show & tell” at the weekly meetings, similar to Pangeo showcase
    • partnering with Open science cloud that provides some computing and storage resources
    • have recently led trainings on CMIP6 analysis
  • Oceania (find info on Discourse with tag “Oceania”)
    • will relaunch monthly Pangeo Oceania meetings soon
    • the Pangeo name is becoming widely known around Australia
    • tends to be focused on HPC rather than cloud
  • US
    • weekly community meetings
    • Pangeo Showcase - drawing big crowds and great discussions!

Pangeo-wide successes!

  • Pangeo-Forge
    • new software and data are actively being produced
    • truly born out of the needs of the Pangeo community - was our reaction to dumping data on the Cloud and realizing the need to both maintain and grow those data stores
  • Pangeo used heavily in industry
    • Pangeo tools are used in both big companies and startups - Pangeo has a wide reach!
  • Pangeo Discourse
    • number of registered users keeps growing!

Pangeo currently partners successfully with entities such as 2i2c and Pythia. What other partners should Pangeo be working with?

  • Turing Way, European Open Science Cloud, ACCESS_NRI in Australia, LEAP and M2Lines, ESIP, OSN, Scientific Python, NASA OpenScapes, R user community, Julia users, NumFocus, IBM
  • How can we support these partnerships?
    • At the moment, this is mostly an invite to join our community

How should Pangeo participate (if at all) in NASA’s Year of Open Science in 2023? (see the NASA TOPS website for more info)

  • NASA Cryosphere community running 2i2c JupyterHub + running workshops
  • Other possibilities (not discussed): Host conferences? Day-long hackathons? Document guidelines on running an open source community?


  • Update Pangeo website (see this discussion on Discourse)
    • Streamline content on the website to be a description of Pangeo and then direct folks elsewhere via links (since static text goes out of date so frequently)
    • Move some info to Discourse - more easily editable and collaborative, and also easier to view how recent the content is
  • Make a list (via Discourse post) of all JupyterHubs in the community and who can access them
  • Share guidance on setting up Hubs and link to Discourse post on community Hubs :point_up_2:
    • We will defer Hub-related items to 2i2c
  • Add a Julia deployment to our Docker image (we already have R deployment)
    • Pangeo is still Python-focused, but we should support other languages if we can