A Pangeo community for Oceania

It’s been two years since the Australian Pangeo events around the 2019 Collaborative Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science. In that time our datasets haven’t got any smaller but momentum around Pangeo as a global community platform for “big data” science has also grown.

Great news: we are expanding our efforts to build an inclusive, open, and fun Pangeo community across the Oceania region. The diabolical difference in time-zones can sometimes mean folks have difficulty connecting and participating with Pangeo meetups and virtual events.

Very soon we’ll start holding regular Pangeo Oceania meetups for sharing information, support, training, and workflow advocacy across our region. We look forward to you helping to shape the Pangeo Oceania community so if you’re interested please sign-up.

Everyone is welcome.
( Even if you are based in Boulder, New York, or Exeter and want to get up at 4am like we usually do :wink:)

Please share this widely with those who might be interested. Hope to see you soon.

  • The Pangeo Oceania team