Discussing Pangeo with the MLOps Community podcast?

Hello all,

@dharhas and @TomNicholas redirected me here from the Dask slack.

I learned about Pangeo for the first time at SciPy last week…thanks to everyone who presented! I’d love to introduce someone representing the project to the organizers of the MLOps Community meetup (see here for past speakers).

That meetup’s organizers also help organize the free apply() conference (Speakers + Agenda - apply() Conference) and the meetup is generally focused on sharing different perspectives and experiences related to “using computers + math + data to solve problems”. I’ve had a great experience with them in the past and have learned a lot from the speakers they’ve brought on.

The audience for that meetup/podcast is used to hearing about the technology stacks of for-profit companies or isolated open source components, and I think hearing how Pangeo enables scientists to use Dask, Jupyter, and other other projects would be something really fresh and different on there. I’m pretty sure they’d also allow you to make a pitch at the end for open source contributions, financial contributions, attendance at upcoming events, or anything else you’d like to plug.

If anyone representing the project is interested, I’d be happy to introduce you to the folks who run the podcast. You can contact me in the Dask slack or at the contact methods listed on my GitHub account (@jameslamb).

Thanks for your time and consideration, and for all the awesome work you do!




Hey all! I am the guy who does the podcast and want to second what James said above!

we would love to have you on to chat! I think many people would benefit from learning about this stuff