Call for speakers @ ESIP Pangeo session

I am seeking additional speakers for the session “Pangeo in Action” during the ESIP Winter Meeting next January in Bethesda, Maryland. Please contact me (jeffdlb if you are interested in participating. The session is 90 minutes, currently scheduled for Wed Jan 8 11:00-12:30.

Session abstract:

The NSF-funded Pangeo project ( is a community-driven architectural framework for big data geoscience. A typical Pangeo software stack leverages Python open-development libraries including elements such as Jupyter Notebooks for interactive data analysis, Intake catalogs to provide a higher level of abstraction, Dask for scalable, parallelized data access, and Xarray for working with labeled multi-dimensional arrays of data, and can support data formats including NetCDF as well the cloud-optimized Zarr format for chunked, compressed, N-dimensional arrays. This session seeks presentations describing implementations, results, or lessons learned from using these tools, and invites attendance by people interested in knowing more about Pangeo.

Jeff DLB

Jeff de La Beaujardiere, PhD
Director, NCAR/CISL Information Systems Division

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I can’t make this meeting myself, but just wanted to add my encouragement to others to volunteer.

ESIP has been a great partner for Pangeo from the beginning. It’s a fantastic and welcoming community.

A reminder that nobody owns the right to represent or present on behalf of Pangeo. It’s a distributed, open-source project. If you’re on the fence about whether you’re “qualified” to make a presentation, just go for it! You will have the full support of the group.

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Ryan, thanks for the plug.

Anybody else from this group planning to be at ESIP? Rich Signell et al. from USGS have responded, so thanks for that.


I’m considering trying to change my plans so I can attend ESIP to talk about Pangeo. It’s a very important community for us to reach.

Jeff, when is the application deadline?


There isn’t really a specific deadline; I could be adjusting the agenda until the last minute and make room for you if you show up. That being said, I was put in touch with Amanda from UW who has agreed to do a Pangeo overview talk, so although I appreciate your willingness to try to attend perhaps you can relax!


I might be in town for this and could swing by for a day.