Session proposals for Ocean Sciences Meeting due May 24

Session proposals are open for the Ocean Sciences Meeting, to be held in New Orleans, LA in Feb. 2024!

Are any Pangeo folks interested in hosting a session or town hall? Past Pangeo activities at OSM have generally been creative/workshop-style sessions, and it does not look like that is an option for this year. Session formats appear to be limited to:

  • Oral sessions
  • E-lightning sessions
  • Poster sessions
  • Town halls

The TOPS team is also thinking about pitching some sessions around open science, including potentially on open data/software. Happy for folks to be involved in those, or for Pangeo folks to take the lead.

Some very broad ideas of sessions that Pangeo could run:

  • Cloud-native ocean science
  • Software for handling big data
  • Town hall to bring the Pangeo community together

For reference, a couple of those previous events were:

  • Open Ocean Science (virtual innovative session)
  • Pangeo Workshop at OSM 2020 (I don’t have a link to this, but it was a hands-on demo of Pangeo Cloud)
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I can help out, all three sound interesting to me.

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@dcherian Awesome!

Want to meet to discuss briefly? I’m available most of the day tomorrow (Friday, May 19).

Send you a 45 minute meeting invite for 1.15pm MT tomorrow? I’m also free before noon MT tomorrow

For anyone interested to join, we are meeting 12:15 - 12:55 ET! Thanks @dcherian!