Pangeo Workshop at FOSS4G

It would be great if our community could take part in the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference this year!

We could consider proposing a Pangeo workshop, or submitting some talks.

Given the “GIS” focus of FOSS4G, this would be a great fit for all the folks working with geospatial raster data - @scottyhq, @TomAugspurger, @RichardScottOZ, etc. Some of the lessons learned in this thread:

…would be particularly worth sharing.


Talk or workshop abstracts due 04/19

FOSS4G is a great conference. Had a blast in San Diego presenting on the nascent NASA-pangeo effort in 2019. I was planning to submit an abstract focused on oss software for scientific workflows using SAR data. But could collaborate on a workshop or lessons learned over the past year in the fast-moving COG and STAC space. Pinging past Fossies @geoskeptic @aimeeb , but anyone else please do chime in on this thread if interested.

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Most of my focus so far has been on the integration point with STAC, but I’m happy to help with anything we decide to do.

I’m considering submitting a Pangeo Forge talk proposal to FOSS4G. For those of you who have attended in the past, do you think that would be a good fit?

I’ve only attended one FOSS4G but I think it is a good fit. @geoskeptic probably knows the audience pretty well!

Don’t know anything about this specifically - but a current best practices thing would be good, so be happy to help if someone is doing it. Will be in a terrible timezone, I am sure! :slight_smile:

@rabernat FOSS4G is a great conference, upwards of 700 to 800 attendees in person for the international conferences over the years I think. It would be great to expose some of the tools in the Pangeo/SciPy ecosystem to a FOSS4G audience, also data formats like zarr/netCDF, which aren’t so much the focus as ‘2D’ geospatial formats like GeoTIFF/COG, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, etc. I haven’t attended since 2018 so this may be happening more so recently. Either way, go for it!

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Ok, so I would propose two submissions.

  • An overview talk about the Pangeo ecosystem (xarray, zarr, dask, cloud stuff) and its applications, with slightly more of a climate focus. I can lead that one.
  • A workshop focused on COG / STAC processing with python, likely of wide interest to the FOSS4G crowd. This would need a leader: any volunteers?

Microsoft’s AI for Earth team will be submitting talks on STAC. I think Rob Emanuele or I would volunteer to lead a workshop if there’s interest. Is anyone else is interested in joining then let’s sync up this Friday, so that we can get the workshop submitted on Monday the 19th.


Count me in. Here is a slightly modified version of our AGU 2020 workshop proposal, feel free to edit directly FOSS4G2021-PangeoWorkshop - Google Docs

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