Pangeo workshop at FOSS4G2020? Introduction of GEOAnalytics Canada

Hi Everyone

I’ve been lurking around the Pangeo project for a while, and thought that now might be a good time to come out into the open. I did meet a number of you in person at the Summer 2019 meeting in Seattle, but have been keeping a low profile since.

Over the last months my company has been working on what is basically a Pangeo instance plus other tools targeted at Canadian organizations who need to analyze satellite EO data. We’re calling this system “GEOAnalytics Canada” - We have a contract with a Canadian federal government agency who we are building this for at first, and will be doing more demos and presentations to various organizations around Canada in the coming months. Many of the demos we are preparing are forks of Pangeo demo notebooks which have been modified to have their AOI shifted north of the Canada/US border :slight_smile:

With one of the general ideas behind GEOAnanlytics Canada being to bring Pangeo to Canadian users, I was thinking that there would be an opportunity to hold a workshop together at the 2020 FOSS4G conference which is taking place in Calgary Aug 24-29th ( I know that some of Pangeo folks went to the 2019 FOSS4G conference, and Calgary is much closer than Bucharest! The call for workshops is now open ( and while it may be a bit early to think about the end of August while being in the depth of winter, would welcome any thoughts on this.

Jason Suwala

Hi @jsuwala! Thanks for posting. I had a great experience at FOSS4G San Diego last time around and am looking forward to attending in Calgary. I encourage people thinking about attending to go!

This would be a great place for a Pangeo workshop. @aimeeb and @geoskeptic were considering a workshop this summer as well at the IGARSS conference (Pangeo workshop at IGARSS 20202), and I’m guessing they will be at FOSS4G too?

The more the merrier, but someone will definitely have to take the lead on workshop organizing. It would be great to also organize a happy hour like we did for AGU in San Francisco in December.

Looking forward to seeing people in Calgary!