Pangeo and CEOS WGISS

Hey all,

Following Speaker for CEOS WGISS-48 Meeting, it seems there are some Pangeo talks and discussions in preparation for the next CEOS WGISS.

Does somebody from the community attended the last one?

Does anybody have some more information? It seems @jhamman names and others have been mentioned. cc also @rsignell as it seems USGS is in the loop too.

I’m currently working hard at CNES to establish Pangeo and related ecosystem like Zarr or STAC at the center of our scientific data analysis tooling. Having CEOS support and recommandation would further impose the software stack we’re working on!

Does somebody from the community attended the last one?

I don’t think so.

We’re coordinating with NASA EOSDIS to provide a remote Pangeo presentation at the next meeting (in April). It looks like @rabernat will be delivering the presentation pending some scheduling arrangements?

@geynard- will you be there in person?

Nope I won’t, still on the dark side of infrastructure and development, not enough on the thematic side. I got this information from one of CNES representative at CEOS, not sure if any of them will be there, but I can check.

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A colleague of mine, Richard, which is deeply involved in the federation of french earth observation data providers (and more, see, but not sure this is translated in english) will be there.

Depending on the agenda of the WGISS meeting, I might propose to him an overview of what is beeing done at CNES with Pangeo.