Where to write tutorial content for Dask workshop at FOSS4G-NA

I am going to be presenting a Dask workshop at FOSS4G-NA (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, North America) in late October. It’s a 3 hour slot and I am planning on covering the basic concepts of Dask and touching on the rest of the Pangeo stack. I would like to build on existing work and store the final version somewhere that is group-owned.

I found this discussion of previous FOSS4G Pangeo Workshops. Along with the following materials:

Dask specific

Pangeo workshops

I guess my question is what is the current thinking on where the materials for this workshop should live?


Sounds amazing! I’ll be at FOSS4G-NA for a panel.

Pythia Cookbooks is currently the most maintained resource. I’d recommend putting your tutorial materials there.


Great! That is kind of where I was leaning. I opened an issue on the Dask cookbook to see if they are open to contributions Use this cookbook for FOSS4G-NA Dask workshop? · Issue #12 · ProjectPythia/dask-cookbook · GitHub

Hello @jsignell ,

We have organized a half-day NCAR Dask workshop earlier in February and I made the Dask cookbook based on some materials I prepared for NCAR Dask tutorial.

If you want you can check the original materials which included more HPC-centric languages for NCAR: NCAR Dask Workshop

Dask Cookbook only includes the non-HPC sections of the above tutorial.

I agree with you and @rabernat that Dask cookbook is probably the best place to maintain Dask materials for the community and I am open to all collaborations. That is why I created the cookbook from the workshop material. :wink: I’m very open to any and all forms of collaboration on this project.
Unfortunately, I am not attending the FOSS4G-NA , but I am open to any collaborations. Please let me know how I can help!