Pangeo Showcase: "What's next for Pangeo?"

Slides: What’s next for Pangeo? - Speaker Deck

Title: “What’s next for Pangeo?”
Invited Speakers: Tom Nicholas and the Pangeo Community!
When: Wednesday, Dec 6, 4PM EST
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
A different kind of “Showcase”: Tom Nicholas will present some deliberately provocative ideas, others can do the same, and then we all have a discussion! We will record the discussion and put the recording on youtube, but we won’t have a Zenodo publication for this one. Julius Busecke will host.

  • 35 minutes - Community Showcase and Discussion
  • 25 minutes - Community check-ins

Sounds great!

Please may I ask two quick questions about the series of Pangeo Showcases (not specific to this talk):

  1. Is there a public calendar that we can subscribe to?
  2. Would it be at all possible to schedule future Pangeo Showcases a bit earlier in the day, at a more Europe-friendly time? (No worries if not - I appreciate that it’s not possible to find a single time that works for everyone!)

@jack_kelly, indeed there is a Meetings Calendar!

Regarding the meeting times, the earlier meeting time slot (12PM EST) was supposed to be early enough for Europe while still allowing US West Coast people to participate (it’s 9AM for them). But 5pm UK, 6pm EU is probably too late. Not sure what to do – anyone have great ideas how to proceed?

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Great talk today @TomNicholas. Having these direction / coordination style of meetings semi-regularly would be wonderful.


Sharing the group google doc we used here in case anyone else wants to read/comment (I’ve copied and saved a version of this just in case the bitcoin miners come out and ruin it).

Having these direction / coordination style of meetings semi-regularly would be wonderful.

Definitely. Maybe we just reserve one (extended) showcase slot every 3-6 months @rsignell ?

I missed this one due to a conflict. Was there a recording I can watch?

I just added the recording at the top of this thread.

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Thanks Rich. I’ve uploaded the talk slides here too.