New Weekly Meeting Format Logistics

@rsignell and @clyne have generously volunteered to help organize the Pangeo weekly meetings this spring! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Basically, we need to organize the pivot to a new meeting format as described at the end of this blog post: Pangeo 2.0. New Funding and New Directions | by Ryan Abernathey | pangeo | Dec, 2020 | Medium.

This means making decisions about how the new format will be organized (e.g. alternating weeks with legacy format, as per our recent discussion), structure of the agenda, etc.

Because we will now feature 15-minute presentations from speakers, we also have to contact these speakers and plan out a schedule for the spring. Here is the public form.

Rich and John, I have shared the responses with you and am happy to share with anyone else who wants to help with organization.

Once a schedule has been set for a few months forward, we need to post it online and publicise.

Finally, the Pangeo website will have to be udpated with details about the new format:


Just a few thoughts to get this rolling.

I think every other week for a talk seems about the right cadence. However, Pangeo alternates early meetings and late meetings. Would it be a problem if the talks were given only at the early (late) meetings? Otherwise we’ll need a more complicated schedule (e.g. every third week, etc.).

It looks like 12 people have already signed up to speak, so that is a good start. I’m happy to reach out to them and get them scheduled. Any thoughts on where to post the scheduled talks along with titles and brief abstracts? I’m thinking would be nice to keep an archive of previous talks together with upcoming talks all in one place.


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Seems reasonable to me. We just need to figure out the schedule.

:+1: to everything you suggested @rsignell!

A few additional ideas:

  • we should also keep the Google calendar updated regularly with these details
  • perhaps a monthly email “newsletter” style, just summarizing what is already on the website
  • in addition to YouTube, we can archive the videos / slides on Zenodo so they get a DOI :medal_sports:

I think we settled the scheduling issue at the last weekly meeting and decided that talks would occur bi-weekly at the morning meetings, but we could be flexible if needed to accommodate speakers. Also, talks will be recorded for later viewing.

How about we shoot for having the first talk on April 7? Nothing like a deadline to force us to resolve the logistics, etc.

John, good idea. Do you have time for a brief chat today? Ping me on rsignell-usgs/community - Gitter

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I’m booked up until this Friday, then I’m open all day. Would that work for you? Send me your email and I’ll send an invite. Sorry, I don’t gitter.

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@rabernat, we’re ready to start scheduling speakers. Can you give me access to the registrants on the Google Form that you set up? I thought I already had edit access, but when I go to the URL now I’m only presented with a form to complete. Thanks.

The edit URL is

You and @rsignell should already have access

Great. Thanks. I must have misplaced the earlier link.

We have the first three talks scheduled, starting April 7. Just need to publish the calendar.

Great! I think a short blog post would be a great way to kick this off!

How about:

Pangeo Showcase virtual seminar series kicks off April 7

The Pangeo Showcase, a virtual seminar series held bi-weekly during the Pangeo Community Meetings, will kick off on Wednesday, April 7 with a talk from NCAR’s Seth McGinnis, titled “Parallel Analysis Using Pangeo vs the Command-Line“. We are currently scheduling talks for Spring 2021 and actively seeking speakers. If you are interested in giving a 15 minute presentation showcasing a new tool, dataset, service, or have a scientific problem in need of a software / infrastructure solution, please consider signing up here. A full listing of upcoming talks is available from the Pangeo Meeting Schedule and Notes page.

cc: @rsignell

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The new seminar series has been announced! Details in this blog post by @rsignell and @clyne: