Request for input on a new time for Pangeo ML Working Group meetings

The Pangeo ML working group has been meeting on the first Monday of each month for several years to discuss challenges and solutions around scalable machine learning in the geosciences. However, the status quo time of 12 PM ET no longer works for all current participants and may be hindering new involvement.

Please fill out this when2meet to help set new time(s) for the Pangeo ML working group meeting. The specific dates are only listed for when2meet’s time zone functionality to work; the meeting would still happen the first week of each month.


Let’s go with the first Tuesday of each month at 3 PM ET (UTC-4). FYI @douglasrao @Chris_Dupuis @djhoese @jbednar as recent/potential attendees in case you need to request a different time.


That should work for me. Is there a new event that I can add to my calendar?

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I like the new time!

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We should find a way to update the calendar at Meeting Schedule and Notes — Pangeo documentation. Does anyone know who to ask to update the time on the calendar?