Pangeo Showcase Organizers Discussion (was "Showcase Host Duty Checklist")

Pangeo Showcase Host Duties

Each showcase seminar has a designated host. This document is my attempt to enumerate the host responsibilities.

Important docs:

I am posting this all here to get feedback on and hopefully refine the process.

Required Credentials

The host needs credentials for various accounts.

As soon as the speaker accepts (10 mins)

  • Collect talk title and abstract
  • Confirm it will be okay to publish the speaker’s talk and slides Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license
  • Get the speaker’s ORCID if they have one
  • Ask if any additional authors should be credited. If so, get their names and ORCIDs.

Sample email

Dear {Speaker Name},

Thanks for agreeing to give a 15-minute talk at the Pangeo Showcase seminar series.
Your talk is scheduled for {12pm ET / 4pm ET} on {DATE}. The Zoom link is Please arrive 5 minutes early to check your video.

At your earliest convenience, please send me the following:

  • Talk title
  • Abstract
  • Your ORCID
  • The names and ORCIDs of any additional coauthors who should be credited.
  • Confirm that it will be okay to publish your talk and slides Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license via Zenodo.

{Your Name}

Week before the the seminar (30 minutes)

Day of the seminar (1 hour)

Problem: Alternative Host must come from Columbia Zoom Account!

  • Study the speaker’s bio to prepare a short introduction
  • Arrive 5 minutes early to the Zoom and check the speaker’s screen sharing
  • Open the meeting (3 minutes past the hour) and introduce the speaker
  • Mute all participants before the speaker starts talking
  • Turn on the recording (record to cloud) as soon as the speaker starts and stop it when they are done.
  • MC the Q&A session.

After the Seminar (45 mins)

  • Download the video from Zoom (.mp4 format)
  • Email the speaker for their final version of slides
  • Standardize the files
    • Convert slides to PDF
    • Rename both slides and video to {last_name}_{yyyy-mm-dd}.{pdf|mp4}
  • Create a Zenodo Record for the Talk
  • Upload the video to YouTube
    • Log in to the Pangeo Channel
    • Create a new video and upload the video file
    • Choose an appropriate thumbnail
    • Fill in the correct title.
    • In the description, put in the proper citation info
  • Post on the Pangeo Discourse forum in the Pangeo Showcase category
    • Create a new post with the talk title as the tile
    • Add the speaker name, talk date, and abstract to the contents
    • Add the Zenodo DOI badge (click on the badge on Zenodo to get the Markdown-formatted text, e.g.:
    • Paste the youtube link. It will automatically be converted to an embedded video preview.
  • Tweet a link to the Discourse Page from the Pangeo Twitter account. Example:
  • Update the Pangeo Showcase website on Github

This is a lot of work. If we can’t find a good solution to the zoom account issue maybe we should decompose the problem differently and have the host handle zoom, and hand off the rest to someone else. Of course that only helps if Ryan is able to do the hosting. Seems like we need to have a backup host, and the backup will be needed next week! I don’t know how to address the Zoom account issue, and I’m not available for the afternoon meetings. So I’m afraid I’m not much help here.

I think the solution is to decouple the “Zoom host” role from the “speaker host” role.

There are enough Columbia folks involved that we can probably always find someone to hit the record button:

If we can count on Columbia folks to serve as “A/V technicians”, responsible for checking the speaker’s screen sharing, making the recording, muting the participants, etc., then the rest of the list could be handled by the host of the day. A couple of other thoughts:

  1. There is a template reminder email here that has some other pertinent information:
  1. Is there a pangeo google drive we can use to keep the email templates, and maybe even a spread sheet checklist with all of the todo items for each event? Less chance of error if the host can tick boxes for each speaker. Also, if the designated host becomes unavailable it would make it easier for someone else to pick up.
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We also need instructions on how to update the calendar: Pangeo Showcase — Pangeo documentation

I’ve submitted a PR to update the calendar with a couple new speakers: Updated calendar by clyne · Pull Request #828 · pangeo-data/pangeo · GitHub

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@hillaryscannell has volunteered to be the Zoom host on Wednesday. She will hit record and then forward the download link to @rsignell for processing.

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I went looking for the Showcase videos in the Pangeo youtube channel I created last year for the Pangeo playlist

and was surprised to not find it, but then realized the video is in another Pangeo youtube channel:

The former channel has only 1 playlist and 23 subscribers.
The latter channel has only 1 video and 3 subscribers.

What should we do?
I’m guessing move the playlist to the latter channel and delete the former, assuming the followers will just realize there is a new channel to follow?

Gah! That was my bad. Yes, let’s merge them and delete the new one. Can you figure out how to do this?

Unfortunately it looks like we can’t merge them! :cry:

The recommendation is to delete the old channel and re-upload the video from the new channel.

Rich can you add me (and others) as Channel Managers on the original channel?

I’ll fiix this. It was my mistake.

Okay, I believe I have invited you, John and Joe as owners.

I looked at this, and because the DOI for the first talk links to the new Pangeo channel, I now think it would be easier to just delete the old Pangeo youtube channel and move the playlist to the new Pangeo channel.

I’ll go ahead and do that.

No don’t delete it!

The DOI links to nothing:

The DOI was created BEFORE the youtube video. The original youtube video links to the DOI. So we can just put the same link in the new youtube video.

Sounds good. I’ll leave the original channel alone then!

BTW, the reason I haven’t uploaded yesterday’s recording yet is because the demo failed. So they recorded a functioning demo post-facto and we are going to splice that in. But Lais is doing the video editing, not me. So I’m awaiting the edited video, which will be much more useful to the community.

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Okay, I think I completed all the tasks – it only took me 2.5 hours! :frowning:
But my plan is to time how long it takes next time, hopefully less than 1 hour, and then the next time, pay our 18-year-old $20 to do it.

One thing missing from the check-list: uploading the video to Zenodo. It mentions only uploading the slides.

( In this case the video was a 500mb .mov file, not an .mp4, since the presenter edited it on a Mac to merge in a functioning demo.)

@rsignell, @rabernat can one of you sign up for the 5/19 host duties:

I have a conflict that day. Thanks

I just signed up.

We also have a few more submissions to the form. Should we have some sort of periodic review process via which we add new speakers to the invite queue?

@clyne & @rsignell: Now that @lsmith is on board, we should try to have a quick call asap to help onboard her to the showcase production duties. I am available most of the day tomorrow (Tuesday May 10)–do others have any availability then?

One idea could be for her to shadow @rsignell this week as he goes through the steps.

Welcome @lsmith! Yes, I’m available tomorrow 7-11:00 and 2-5pm ET.
I like the shadowing idea, and I’d be happy to be shadowed. :slight_smile:

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I have availability tomorrow (Tuesday) from 9:00 to 10:00am and 12:00 to 2:00pm MT

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Fantastic! I can meet btw 7-11ET with @rsignell just let me know when! After 11 I have the kids today (18mo, 4y) so not as great to chat then. I’m sorry my schedule is not good for mountain time today, I hope that is alright. Looking forward to working with you all!

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