Boulder, CO based folks interested in a few days of hacking?

Hey everyone,

I am planning to attend the US CLIVAR: Mesoscale and Frontal-Scale Air-Sea Interactions Workshop in Boulder from Mar 6-8. I don’t want to cause the emissions to fly cross country for a 3 day stay, and so I am planning to stay a few days longer and would love to use the time to be productive with people in person!

Is anyone around that time and interested in getting together for some in-person hacking? As topics I could think of a few things:

  • Several XGCM issues (e.g. supporting tripolar grids, physical boundary conditions, xarray decorator)
  • Anything CMIP6 (using datatree, xMIP, intake-esm) is always of interest to me hehe
  • … or maybe others have cool ideas?

@dcherian @andersy005 are you around?


I should be around then, while I don’t have experience with those topics, be great to chat over a coffee or a hike.

Maybe some viz time with @banesullivan too?



I’ll be on vacation for most of March unfortunately! :minibus: :desert: :dog: :running_man:

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i appreciate the thought, @jbusecke. unfortunately, i won’t be able to attend as i will be out of state for the first two weeks of the month

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I’ll be in Boulder myself Feb 16 to Mar 4 for a visit to NCAR. Drop me a line if you arrive early!


Need to figure out my schedule but coming early seems to be the way to go here. @brian-rose Ill definitely be in touch. @ThomasMGeo would you be around Mar 2/3?

In that case I will also have the weekend in Boulder. I do not want to coerce anyone into working on the weekend, but I would totally be down for a combo of nature, brews and hacking :grin:

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I can do the previous week. After your Mar 6-8 conference I can do the afternoon of Thursday Mar 9.

I can try and find a conference room at NCAR for Thursday afternoon or we can do beers + laptops somewhere else (perhaps the latter haha)

Do you have your dates specified? March 9th also works for me, but I can also come up this Friday.

I just wanted to apologize for dropping the ball here. I came down with a nasty case of strep throat and was out cold for more than a week, and did not travel to CO at all.

I am still exploring the possibility of making a trip purely to have some quality hacking days this year. If y’all dont mind I would just ping this thread again once I have some candidate dates.