Pangeo hackathon at AMS 2023?

It would be great to have a Pangeo hackathon at the AMS conference in January! This could be a side-meeting during the conference (January 8 - 12) or a separate event the day after the conference (Friday January 13).

If there’s enough interest, we could have break-out groups working on some of the topics discussed at the SciPy community gathering, e.g.,:

  • support for physical units
  • regridding improvements
  • infrastructure for machine learning pipelines
  • pangeo website improvements

Please give this a thumbs up heart if you’d be interested in participating in a Pangeo hackathon at AMS so we can gage interest, and even better if you want to post feedback or share ideas for break-out groups!

Tagging some people who may be interested @andersy005 @paigem @mgrover1 @ThomasMGeo @weiji14 @dopplershift @rsignell

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I would be very interested in this! Friday sounds like a good option…


thank you for leading this, @maxrjones! i’d be very interested as well.

Ccing some folks from NCAR Earth System Data Science group who may be interested in participating and/or hosting us at the Mesa Lab :slight_smile: @dcherian, @anissa111, @oero, @jukent, @matt-long, @jeffdlb


If I’m there in-person, I’d be super interested!


Very interested! +1

Also cc’ing @banesullivan


In the past Pangeo ML group meetings, people have talked about the ML datasets hosted on Pangeo. That might be a good topic as well given there are two topics during the AMS AI conference on benchmark datasets for AI/ML research.

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Sounds like a ton of fun. Please count me in! Easy to participate since I’m local this year :slight_smile:


It’s great to see all the interest in a Pangeo hackathon at AMS!

For those who are interested in helping organize the event (@paigem, @mgrover1?, …), here’s a poll for scheduling a meeting to go over logistics either Friday or next week. Looking forward to putting this together!

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@maxrjones I’m not available next week to participate in a logistics meeting but happy to volunteer as needed in-person.

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Here’s a zoom link for Thursday September 1 at 3 PM ET -

Topic: Pangeo AMS hackathon
Time: Sep 1, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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