Response to “Are We at Risk of Losing the Current Generation of Climate Researchers to Data Science?”

We’ve all been making good points on twitter. Enough that I think we can write a respectful constructive and critical response to this article.

@mgrover1 has helpfully started a HackMD for notes: Response to "Are We at Risk of Losing the Current Generation of Climate Researchers to Data Science?" - HackMD

I propose we re-read and add points we want to make to the HackMD file; and then meet next week over Zoom after @paigem gets back from vacation (or is the WORLD TOUR FOR THE SCIPY FIVE?!)

Tuesday and Friday work best for me next week. Appreciate anyone who takes the initiative to create a doodle/whenisgood poll.

We might even consider discussing at the Pangeo meeting next week.


Ok team, I just threw together this when2meet poll for Tuesday - Friday next week! @dcherian @mgrover1 @jbusecke @jmunroe

Thanks for starting this thread @dcherian! I’ll be back from my SciPy Five World Tour* next week and am keen to have a discussion once I get the chance to sit down and read the full article.

*a.k.a. visiting family and friends in CO and MI :slight_smile:


Just to be clear, everyone is welcome to participate in this effort!


I’m interested in joining this conversation, I filled out the when2meet. Thanks for putting this together!

Was a time chosen for a group discussion? If I’m free I’d be interested in listening in.

Lets do Thursday at 12pm MT. Everyone but Thomas can make it (I can rearrange my schedule).

Sorry @Thomas_Moore your schedule seems quite full!

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All good, @dcherian - I’m on AEST in Tasmania so scheduling is hard. Thanks for the efforts from you and others on this.

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Forgot a link!

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 669-241-7529 and enter this PIN: 562 998 071#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

What a great discussion - thanks to those of you who were able to attend!

We took some (disorganized) notes in the HackMD and have started a Google Doc to collaboratively write a paper in response. We note that this will not be a “response”, but more of an alternate framing of some of the challenges and solutions offered by Jain et al.

Link to HackMD notes

Link to our draft paper outline

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I was out sick with Covid today so I missed the scheduled discussion. Thanks for taking notes! I will make sure to read through them