Geospatial/ML Data Engineer @ early-stage AI/weather start-up/research group

Hi all,

I’m looking to connect with data engineers who might be excited and interested in tackling some foundational problems related to how we integrate geospatial data into state-of-the-art data driven ML models for weather and climate. Our group is thinking about this problem very broadly, including topics related to what sort of data/datasets would be best for use with these classes of ML models, how it ought to be structured and formatted, and how we optimally incorporate it into real-world ML training and operational inference workflows.

We’d love to work with anyone interested in either the “pure” data engineering side of this (preparing and managing ML-ready archives of data for weather modeling applications) or the more ML-oriented side (optimally feeding these data into models) - or both! - and would be open to either part- or full-time commitments. Our fully remote-team is mission-oriented around the goal of “responsibly providing advanced Earth System AI to improve weather and climate-related decisions for the long-term benefit of humanity and the Earth.”

Happy to chat more with anyone interested - or if you have colleagues who might be interested in trying something new with a world-class science/engineering team, please have them reach out to daniel [at] danielrothenberg [dot] com.


That’s great. I’ll be in your mail soonest.