AGU Happy Hour - Wednesday Evening


If anyone is interested in a Pangeo & friends Happy Hour! Comment below.

Location and time TBD! Probably starting around 5ish.



Hey Thomas, I’d like to join!

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I am interested! This sounds like a great time.

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Me too! Looking forward to seeing/meeting fellow Pangeans in Chicago!

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I’ve now got the Wednesday evening booked off in my schedule. Looking forward to this!

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I’d like to join too! Thanks @ThomasMGeo for the suggestion!

To throw out a meeting place suggestion: what if we meet near one of the entrances to the conference center and walk to our chosen drink/food location as a group? I have never been to the conference center, but I’ve circled an area on the map below by the stairs near the main entrance of the conference center where we can gather at 5pm. The entrance is just off of McCormick Square, which you can find on Google Maps for reference.

If anyone local to Chicago has any suggested bars/restaurants in the area, that would be great!

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Paige, great suggestion! Let’s meet there at 5.

Also all ears for a place to go. It’s my first time in Chicago, so do not have any insider info.

I can suggest some spots :slight_smile:


Please keep me in the loop too! I’ll be @AGU all week.

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Interested! I might not be able to join for long but answering to be kept in the loop.

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Yes, sounds great.

Why must my response be a minimum of 20 characters? Well now it is :grinning:


I’ll be at AGU and look forward to joining you all! :slight_smile:

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me too please! cannot wait to see you all.

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I’ll be there!

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I’ll join for a bit!

This so the one day I made plans with a friend who lives in Chicago (before I saw this thread) so I have dinner plans at 7- but will plan on being there at the beginning.

Hi all! I was thinking it would be fun to check out the Game Room in the Loop! Here is the google maps link

The Game Room
+1 312-792-3535

Thoughts? Looks like a fun spot.

It is easy access from the Metra Electric, which has a station right at the conference center. They have pool, shuffleboard, bocce, etc too!


This looks great, from the folks I talked to it seems like most are staying nearby

Is this still the plan? Meet at the conference center entrance at 5pm?


+1 for the game room!

Hi everyone! Today’s plan:

  1. Meet at our designated meeting spot shown in this post

  2. Go to the Game Room as suggested by @mgrover1 in this post!

Excited to see you all!

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