Pangeo Showcase Organizers Discussion (was "Showcase Host Duty Checklist")

@rabernat I have the Pangeo Twitter credentials now – we are all set on that.
Where do we stand on starting the Zoom recording? Still required to be someone from Columbia?
How can we make it so Jim Coll can record?

@clyne , can you please add and as owners on the speaker checklist Google Doc?

Both handles were already showing up as “editors”. I don’t see an option for “owner”

John, yep, my bad. I can edit the doc, so Jim should be fine as well. So we are good. Thanks!

In order to hit record, you need to have the appropriate privileges within the Zoom organization. So unfortunately the only answer is that we would need to get Jim Columbia credentials. This is a very annoying process.

Alternatively, we could move the Zoom location to a room associated with your USGS account.

@rabernat @rsignell @JimColl Have the Zoom credentials been worked out to be able to record the Showcase talks? I am a Columbia employee and am happy to press record or help out as needed.

I also decided to add a new color to the Responses from the Google form: green is for those that are scheduled/have already presented. This makes it easier for us to see who has been contacted but not yet responded vs. those that have already been given a time slot.


@paigem , as far as I know, only Columbia folks can make recordings. So not only do you have to be there to hit record, you need to then pass the recording to @JimColl somehow.

Would it be possible to set Jim up as a visiting investigator at Columbia or something to cut out the need for the middleman?

Also, I can’t find the video for the Peter Marsh showcase talk on Sep 21. I didn’t see it on the Pangeo YouTube channel and I checked the Zenodo record but I see only pdf and audio.

@rabernat, I can’t make the Pangeo Community Meeting tomorrow because of a USGS meeting I must attend. Can you host?

Yes I’m planning to be there. :+1:

I’m exploring the options for publishing a recording of Wei Ji’s presentation at the Pangeo ML working group meeting next Monday. @rabernat, @rsignell, or @JimColl would it be possible to deposit the recording on the Pangeo YouTube channel? Two options for accomplishing this would be for me to become a manager for the channel and handle the upload myself (I’m relatively new to active participation in Pangeo but have experience with YouTube channels through my work for GMT) or for me to send you the recording after the meeting to upload.

I’m more than happy to help facilitate/share the load, thanks for the new channel to follow! Of the two playlists we keep, the more appropriate might be in the Pangeo Talks playlist, the other being the showcase. If you send me the recording I can push it up with the same formatting we use in the showcase if that’s the least friction path forward?

That sounds great, thanks! I’ll send you the recording on Monday.

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@rabernat and @TomNicholas can you guys please provide @JimColl with the latest Pangeo Showcase recordings?

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@rabernat, I’m hoping someone from Columbia will be on the call today to hit the record button. Yes?

I have a conflict and cannot attend today. Maybe @TomNicholas or @jbusecke?

I mentioned this on the weekly Pangeo call today, and @rabernat suggested I post here:

I have some extended travel coming up and won’t be able host any of the next six Pangeo meetings (the next I would be available for would be June 22).

@JimColl could please you post the link to the spreadsheet that shows the host for each meeting so we can see where we have gaps?

That’s here, although other than @navidcy’s upcoming showcase, and Campbell Watson currently slated for the 17th, we have run the showcase volunteer list dry and @paigem is slated to host both of those.

Shameless plug?: If you’d like to join our showcase speaker ranks, we have open slots available through June, please fill out this short form if you’d like to showcase your open science or relevant announcement at the community meeting.

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Here’s an abbreviated checklist of what I’ve been doing for the Pangeo Showcase talks this fall (Fall 2023). (partly in case there is a Government Shutdown…)

  • Even though we prominently display the Speaker Interest Form, it seems not many people volunteer that way. They need to be invited and talked into it. So in August I reached out to folks I thought it would be good to hear from via Slack, Email, Github Discussions, etc and tried to persuade them to give a Pangeo Showcase talk. Once they said yes, I gave them a choice of several dates and said I’d get back to them.
  • I lined up the first 10 talks this way, and filled out the titles and presenters name on the Pangeo Showcase web page, without any links.
  • A couple of weeks before the talk, I send speakers the Speaker Information Form, which populates the Speaker Info spreadsheet.
  • This provides the information to fill out the pre-talk Pangeo Discourse post.
  • On the Monday or Tuesday the week of the talk, I send an announcement via Twitter/X, including a link to the pre-talk Discourse post, and reach out to the presenter to make sure they haven’t forgotten and to address an issues.
  • I edit the Pangeo weekly meeting Google doc to add the new meeting, using the meeting templates at the end of the document.
  • On the day of the meeting I start the Numfocus Account Zoom meeting at least 5 minutes early drop the meeting doc link into the chat, and pin it.
  • I click on “start recording” and select “save meeting to cloud” instead of “save meeting locally” in case my computer craps out.
  • After the talk I download the video, upload it to the the Pangeo YouTube Channel (adding it to the Pangeo Showcase playlist), upload the video to create a Zenodo document in the Pangeo community, and then add a post-talk Discourse post that just contains 1. the DOI to Zenodo, and 2. the link to the video on youtube.
  • I then modify the link on the Pangeo showcase web site to point to the post-talk Discourse post instead of the pre-talk post.
  • I then have a Manhattan…

@paigem @JimColl , did I miss anything?

Thanks @rsignell - this looks good to me!

My only question is why you create two separate Discourse posts. Would it make more sense to just add the link to DOI and to the YouTube video after the talk to the original pre-talk Discourse post?

I was following tradition, but yes, let’s do that.

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