Pangeo Meetup at AMS 2020 in Boston?

This year I will be at AMS for the first time. My talk is on Wed, Jan. 15. I would be happy to host a dinner on either Tuesday night or Wednesday night.

Folks who are planning to attend AMS, please let me know if you’re interested and available.
Some people who I expect are going:

  • @darothen
  • Scott Collis
  • Noah Brenowitz
  • David Gagne
  • Hanna Aizenman

Most of these people are not on discourse… Anyone else?

Would love to meet up with folks! @rabernat, there is an MIT alumni event celebrating Susan Solomon’s named symposium on Tuesday evening - I might recommend planning around that and the other various alumni events because Wednesday evening is reserved for the special “AMS Centennial Celebration”.

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@rabernat I will be at AMS this year. If there’s a happy hour or dinner organized I will try to make it.

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Hi All,

Happy to meet all there. I will be there until Wednesday afternoon.

Jianwu Wang@UMBC

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I have concluded that we don’t have critical mass for a dedicated meetup at AMS this year. I hope to catch up with all of you at the AMS centennial celebration on Wednesday night. Perhaps we can organize a Pangeo table.

Details for the centennial celebration are here:

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