Pangeo Meet-up at SC'19

I’m interested to see if any Pangeons would be interested in meeting up on Wednesday evening during the SC’19 conference happening in Denver next week. I suggest Wednesday because there are receptions most of the other evenings, but we can definitely get together any other time that people would like.

Being a Denverite myself, I have some suggestions:

  • 54thirty on the roof of the Le Meridien Hotel…if the weather is nice enough. (They have heaters, I think.)
  • The Peaks Lounge on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Denver, which has amazing views.
  • Corrine in the Le Meridien Hotel, again
  • The Corner Office near the Curtis Hotel

I’m also open to other suggestions.

I believe the SC program ends at 6:45 that day, so we could plan on meeting at 7:00 or a little thereafter.

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I am still free after 6:45 pm, and am interested in meeting up with you. I have no preference for a spot. Please publish the final meeting spot.

Matthijs van Waveren
CNES HPC Support team


Meet-up Information:

Ok. I’ve made a few calls, and I’ve decided to make a reservation at The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar at 7:00PM on Wednesday evening. They have a decent food menu and good drinks, and it’s very close to the convention center.

Please reply to indicate if you will come, so I can confirm the headcount with them ahead of time.

I’ll try to make it.

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So, it looks like we have a very small group. Maybe 5 people maximum? I will need to confirm headcount with the restaurant/bar this afternoon, so please reply if you are interested in attending.