Looking for climate [,risk] modeling job oportunities in the USA or México

Hi Pangeo!

This is Argel Ramírez Reyes. I am about to finish my PhD in atmospheric sciences at the University of California, Davis in the next few months.

I am looking for a job opportunity outside of academia. An area that has recently caught my attention is the climate risk modeling space.

During my studies I have focused on idelized models of tropical cyclones with the goal of understanding their relation with climate. I have used high-resolution models and idealized models written in Fortran and in Julia, which is my language of choice. I have also analyzed data in the order of 80TB for my research. I algo have a formation in physics (B.S) and scientific computing (M.S.) I love open science and open source and I think I can help make and impact and to create robust, reproducible models!

Please hit me up if you think we can collaborate!

My website: