Climate Data Scientist at McKinsey & Company

We are hiring Climate Data Scientists for our Climate Analytics team at McKinsey & Company. The position is for Denver, CO and Waltham, MA. We are ideally seeking folks with a PhD in a geoscience-related field, but candidates should have an MS at the minimum. We’re also eager for folks with a software background, particularly in pangeo-related packages like xarray.

The position is ~50% asset development and ~50% consulting. When working on our assets (or IP), you’ll be developing a host of packages/products related to data visualization, climate model downscaling, and hazards (wildfires, flooding, etc.). When on client work, you’ll work on a host of projects. Recently, we’ve focused primarily in the climate risk area, working to quantify risk to client assets due to climate change and climate hazards.

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You can find the listing here: Jobs | Careers | McKinsey & Company


Hi, the opportunity looks interesting to me. I am interested for the same.