Liberty Mutual - Catastrophe Research Analyst

Interested in thinking about how climate change intersects with a mean batch of natural hazards? Seeking a climate scientist for my team of catastrophe modelers who wants to help us capture climate impacts on hurricane, wildfire, and flood risk.

Full posting here: Liberty Mutual

We are seeking someone with a graduate degree in the broad fields of earth and environmental sciences and engineering. Graduating at the end of this semester is fine too. Position can be located in Boston, MA or Remote (US).

Candidate screening will begin Mar 1 and continue until the position is filled.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Saw your tweet about this job board this morning. Strikes me that catastrophe modeling could be an interesting home for the software + geoscience inclined - although the amount that my field still relies on duct-taped-together SQL databases could make you crazy!