FROST: Front Range Open Science Teamup

A decent number of us are in the Colorado Front Range area. Perhaps we should have a monthly meetup group?

Suggestions on name are welcome.

Comment here to sign up to be added to a calendar invite / deal with a scheduling email.

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Love this, count me in! FROST is a great name too :slight_smile:

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Yes! Count me in :slight_smile: Hope for more than 1 meetup in Golden.

Not sure I could attend regularly but definitely interested.

I have never attended a pangeo meetup before. But I am definitely interested in open science discussion. If the meetup is suitable for me, I am definitely interested in being added to the email list/calendar invite. Thanks! And I love the name!

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I’d be interested, so long as my schedule allowed!

I’d definitely be interested in joining in!

I’d be in as well, I haven’t done much with pangeo directly but I’m pretty pangeo adjacent and would love to meet folks!

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Would love to be added to the invite as well!


I am interested. Thanks!

Me too! Thanks Deepak

Interested! Great idea. Perhaps Front Range Open Science Team or Teammates or Teamup or Troop or Tribe or Throng?

Count me in too! Haven’t used pangeo much, but definitely used it’s packages quite a bit. Look forward to learning more!

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Count me in as well!

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Here’s a very short survey to figure out where and when to meet:

Sorry for the delay here, but I’m excited to start this in may.

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this is awesome! i just filled it out. looking forward to meeting some of y’all!

Our next meeting will be Aug 3, 2023, 4.30pm at Southern Sun, Table Mesa Shopping Center, Boulder. @paigem will be in town!

It would be great to see you all!

Like this post to RSVP. Fill out the form if you haven’t already.


Wish I could make it. Between LEAD training at the SIParCS poster symposium I will be too busy. Have a great time.

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Looking forward to it!


A number of us will be getting to Southern Sun after viewing intern posters at Center Green (north Boulder), and so might be late. I’m hoping to be there between 4.30 and 4.45. Grab a table if you’re early and don’t see any familiar faces!

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