Community governance and folding in Project Pythia

The Project Pythia team is preparing a proposal for the NSF GEO OSE solicitation, and we want to say something explicit about community governance as the Pythia Cookbook initiative builds steam. I would also love it if this proposal (and hopefully the funding that follows) makes the links between Pythia and Pangeo more clear and explicit (i.e. Project Pythia is a subset of Pangeo representing Pangeo’s education push).

Is someone who’s been involved with the Pangeo steering council willing to chat with me on short notice? I want to get a better sense of the best practices and where we might go from here.

I’ll shamelessly single out @rsignell for this since you’ve been active in Project Pythia, but welcome other voices. Looking to set up a 30 minute call on extremely short notice (because that’s how grant-writing goes)!


Brian, I think this is a great idea, and I’d be happy to chat. Please ping me on

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