June 23, 2021: Project Pythia: a community learning resource for Python-based computing in the geosciences


Pangeo Showcase talk by Brian Rose, University at Albany


Brian is a climate scientist who loves to tinker with open source code. Associate Professor at the University at Albany, NY, USA, co-PI on Project Pythia, lead developer of the climlab project, and long-time lurker in the Pangeo community.


Project Pythia (projectpythia.org) is funded by NSF EarthCube to develop open-access training materials and infrastructure to accelerate the adoption and effective use of the Pangeo stack among current and aspiring geoscientists. Pythia aims to lower barriers between the Pangean haves and have-nots, and build pipelines for a diverse user- and user-contributor community (including battle-testing our material in classes at UAlbany). I will give a brief overview of the current state of the recently-released Pythia web portal and Foundations book (foundations.projectpythia.org), plans for the near future, and ways for people to get involved. I’ll be soliciting feedback from the audience on what to prioritize for future development.

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