Canadian Geospatial Cloud Application Developer [remote]

Hi all! Hatfield is looking for a Canadian Geospatial Cloud Application Developer.

As a Geospatial Cloud Application Developer, you will provide implementation, design and integration services for our clients together with our team of remote sensing data scientists. In particular, you will help to develop GEOAnalytics Canada - which is being built with a “Pangeo Ethos” of an “open science”. The GEOAnalytics Canada platform includes a “Pangeo Environment” (ie Jupyter+Dask) amongst other integrated cloud native geospatial tools built on Kubernetes.

Beyond GEOAnalytics Canada, you will work with Hatfield’s Digital Solutions Group to develop digital systems for our clients and works on problems like assessing the impact of habitat fragmentation on endangered woodland caribou, monitoring environmental determinants of health related to the spread of West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, and modelling the species distribution of endangered North Atlantic Right Whales. We welcome applications from like-minded individuals who seek to apply technologies to address a wide range of environmental and social issues.

Further information, including on how to apply is available here: