Python Full Stack developer & Cloud Engineer at Anglo American

Anglo American (a large mining and minerals company) are looking for two people for Pangeo-related work. We are a new team working on image data at scale. There are several problems with how things are currently, including: storage limited to local hard drives, compute limited to desktops, data stuck in silos and difficulties in finding and sharing image data. The solution that you will help build will use cloud and web technologies to store, search, visualize and run compute on global scale image archives (Terabyte to Petabyte).

The technologies that we are using include the Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC), Dask, XArray and Titiler - many of which are used in the Pangeo community. Pangeo experience will be extremely useful for these roles, and will be a definite bonus when applying.

Full Stack developer
Your focus will be full stack web development, building back-end APIs and front-end interfaces for users to easily access these large image archives. We will be building on open tools and standards written in Python (such as the Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog, Titiler and Dask), and you will be extending and modifying these, as well as writing new serverless APIs in Python (using FastAPI). Front-end development will be within the context of Anglo American frameworks, primarily using React, and will involve map visualization tools such as Leaflet and/or OpenLayers.

Full details: Full stack.pdf - Google Drive

Cloud Engineer
Your focus will be on using cloud technology to scale up capabilities (e.g. storage, search and compute). You will be building and orchestrating cloud services including serverless APIs, large databases, storage accounts, Kubernetes clusters and more, all using an Infrastructure as Code approach. We work on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and are building on top of open-source tools and open-standards such as the Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog, webmap tiling services such as Titiler, and the Dask parallel processing framework.

Full details: Cloud Engineer.pdf - Google Drive

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Welcome @robintw! Thanks for sharing!