Pangeo OpenEO Backend?

openEO develops an open API to connect R, Python, JavaScript and other clients to big Earth observation cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way.

This project has quite a bit of traction, particularly in Europe. It would be great to try to connect Pangeo with OpenEO. I think the path forward on this would be to implement–or contribute to–an OpenEO “backend”, which can process and serve data to users via an API.

The API is specified here:

There seems to be a python backend already started here:

This uses some xarray and dask, but I’m not sure it takes full advantage of the Pangeo cloud stack (zarr, dask distributed, xarray, etc.).

I am posting this issue to gather thoughts about how we could work with OpenEO. Is anyone in our community also involved in OpenEO? What would be the best way for us to have an impact?


Sounds like an intake-able API.
I didn’t follow, from a cursory reading, how or where processing happens. I wonder at yet another graph-like representation of computations (otoh: people do not serialise xarray/dask pipelines for recall).