Welcome to Pangeo Discourse

Pangeo is a community of scientists and software developers working together to improve the way we do scientific research. We work on software tools, such as the python packages Xarray and Dask, as well as customized environments on cloud and HPC where these tools can be deployed to analyze massive datasets. This forum is a place for anyone to discuss:

While we welcome any and all questions here, we will try to transfer discussions about specific software packages (bug reports, feature requests, etc.) to GitHub.

For general information about Pangeo, please see the Pangeo website: http://pangeo.io/.

All interactions on this forum are governed by the Pangeo code of conduct.

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Thanks for setting up this Discourse forum!

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It would be nice to to make a banner for Understanding Discourse Trust Levels post and pin it somewhere so that new users, not acquainted with discourse, know more about what are TLs and how they can earn more trust.

Basically, you increase in trust by interacting with the community. Post things, like things, etc. I’ve used other discourse sites, and found increasing trust just happens organically as you use the site more. If you are interested in the details, the default behaviour (which we have not modified) is described here.

One challenge we are facing is that we are sending the CMIP6 hackathon folks to the #cmip6hack channel propose projects. Often their first post is a project proposal, and they are limited in terms of what they can post by the trust system.

Did this ever get resolved?

Should we start new users out at a higher trust level? We can set the defaults here: https://discourse.pangeo.io/admin/site_settings/category/trust