About the Pangeo Cloud Support category

Pangeo cloud is an experimental platform for cloud-based research. We would like for Pangeo Cloud to one day be a full-featured, professional service. But it’s not yet!. It run by scientists and hackers who devote their nights and weekends to this project. So please don’t expect professional support.

We can use this forum to track technical support requests for Pangeo Cloud. Someone will do their best to respond to you as quickly as possible given the circumstances. This is not a place for general support requests about scientific python. This forum is specific to issues related to Pangeo Cloud such as:

  • login problems
  • environment configuration
  • reading / writing cloud data
  • Dask Gateway on Pangeo Cloud

In making a support request, please provide the following information:

  • Which cluster are you using (e.g. us-central1-b.gcp.pangeo.io
  • A concise summary of your problem
  • If your problem involves code, please do your best to include a minimum reproducible example