Wednesday February 8th 2023: Mental Health in the Geosciences

This week on the showcase we welcome Alex Kerney at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to the showcase to talk about mental health in the sciences
Meeting Logistics
Title: Mental Health in the Geosciences
Invited Speakers:
Alex Kerney (ORCiD: 0000-0002-0484-9306 | Twitter@abkfenris)
When: Wednesday February 8th 12pm EST
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Just because you work with data, you aren’t a robot, and just because you are a scientist, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel. We are going to have a discussion of the impact of stress on mental health, types of stressors, the impacts of our data on us and others, ways to communicate the state we’re in, and what does it mean to care enough to make it our career.
Note: do the sensitive nature of the topic, some of the usual meeting logistics will be changed, such as only recording audio/video from Alex’s presentation, and showcase related notes and discussion happening in an anonymous document.
Relevant material /

  • 5-15 minutes - Community showcase
  • 5-15 minutes - Q&A / Community check-in
  • 20-35 minutes - Agenda and Open discussion