Any input into a talk "Pangeo - an open community approach to tackling the big data challenge in environmental sciences" appreciated

I am presenting (15+5 min) at " The Association for Geographical Infomation Scotland Annual Conference 2021" the overall event theme is “Working better, together”. I want to present Pangeo but more than just the cability I want to highlight the benifits of the open community approach. My bio, title and abstract below. Any input or thoughts really appreciated. The event is February 23rd, 2021 9:00 AM to February 24th, 2021 1:00 PM.


Theo McCaie is the Lead for Infrastructure and Data Engineering Research at the Joint Center for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence for the UK Met Office. A founding member of the Pangeo Community Platform, Theo has an extensive background researching data engineering solutions to the challenges facing tomorrow’s data scientist.


Pangeo - an open community approach to tackling the big data challenge in environmental sciences


The majority of the most pressing challenges of today are highly linked to environmental data, climate change, COVID, air quality, flooding, etc. The good news is new satellites, models, datasets, etc are coming on online. The bad news is that we are drowning in the volumes of data. Pangeo is first a community of people working collaboratively to develop software and infrastructure to enable Big Data geoscience research. With many key players including the UK Met Office and NASA Pangeo is making headway in tools to find meaning in this deluge of data. In this talk I will present some of the work of the Pangeo community that is enabling users to find insight from huge and heterogenous datasets. Further, I will discuss how the open community operates and why this is key to its success.

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